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New Bridal Packages

There is no better convenience than having lash extensions. These events are very emotional allowing for joyful tears that lead to strip lashes coming off or running mascara. Avoid those issues and say YES to lash extensions!

Lash Glue & Liquids
Lash Trays
Meet Lily



Hi, I'm Mari

Welcome to my world! If you are here, we are basically BFFs now. Aside from being a lash artist I am a mom to the cutest 3 year old, Zephan. I love being a mom to him so much and I have been able to have an amazing work/life balance with being a lash artist.

I decided I wanted to start lashing when I had my son in August 2019. Almost three years later I now have a full product line and supply lash supplies to lash artists nationwide.

Training has been the newest exciting thing with my lash business and I love teaching so much. I actually graduated from Alverno College in 2017 with my Bachelor's in Communication and Adult Education. That being said, I have quite the knowledge in teaching adults and having the most interactive and enjoyable training.

I look forward to speaking with you!






Hi, I'm Cassandra

Hello! My name is Cassandra.  I have been lashing along side Mari for one year.  I received my certification through her in May of 2022 when we quickly became friends and my boss! I am lucky to work with my mentor who is always there to guide me as I practice my skill.


When I’m not lashing; you can find me taking naps with my dog and cat, listening to music or spending time with my family.  Aside from that, my focus is perfecting my craft and meeting new faces.  My favorite part of lashing will always be seeing the confidence that is brought to my clients when they open their eyes to a fresh set.  I am looking forward to meeting you when you book your next appointment with me!

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